Metal Carport Kits – Do It Yourself Storage!

Extra space, without the hassle!

Everyone could use a carport or steel building for some extra storage.  Sometimes, there just isn’t enough space in your home to keep everything you need.  Maybe the lawnmower just won’t fit in the garage anymore, or you might just need some protection for that brand new car.  However, getting a steel carport built on your property can be a hassle.  The process can be incredibly time consuming and troublesome, especially since professional installation is required.  But what if you could have all of the benefits of a brand new steel carport, without any of the inconveniences?  With our do-it-yourself metal carport kits, Elephant Structures has the solution to your storage needs.

How do I get my carport kit?

First, you must visit our website,, to get started.  There, you will design your own custom building, making it any size, shape, and even color that you need.  Every design is unique; you can turn your carport into an extra garage, or even create a brand new workshop.  Next, after ordering your custom building, we will deliver it directly to your door.  We also include a metal carport kit with the building, that shows you how to install it yourself!  Installation is fast and easy, only requiring the use of common household tools.  All you need is a power drill, a hammer, and a ladder!  The prefabricated carport kits make our buildings incredibly quick and easy to install for anyone,  but that doesn’t mean we are sacrificing quality.  All of our buildings are manufactured with premium grade steel, making them extremely strong and durable.

We know that once you design and order your building, you need it fast.  If you upgrade to our commercial unit, we can have your building ready and delivered to you in just 2 weeks!  If you would like to use this option, please contact us to speak with a qualified building expert.  Our dedicated sales representatives are standing by to help you get the building you need, delivered where and when you need it.

They’re portable, too!

Our metal carport kits can be installed anywhere, for almost any use!  Our customers have installed carports on pull-behind trailers, using our building as an animal shelter or a camping area during long-distance travel.  You could also use our kits to install your carport on top of a heavy duty trailer as construction for a small home.  Customers also have the option to certify each building for increased strength and durability.  Imagine having a small home that is anchored to withstand the force of a category 4 hurricane!   The possibilities with our metal carport kits are endless.

So what are you waiting for?  For more information about ordering and designing your own custom carport, please visit, or call us at 855-CARPORT (855-227-7678)

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