18x26 Metal Building Garage with Black Roof and White Walls

Metal Carports versus Wooden Carports

When you decide to add a carport to your home, you need to decide what type of building material will be used in the construction process. You may decide to use wood, but since the structure is not entirely enclosed, wooden carports will deteriorate faster being openly exposed to the elements. Metal carports on the other hand provide a more sturdy structure and will last much longer, and some custom units even come with rust through protection for up to twenty years.

Difference between Steel Gauge Metal Carports

Selecting the thickness of the steel used in the construction of metal carports provides you with different options. The smaller the gauge of steel, the thicker the support legs will be for the structure. 12 gauge steel is thicker and provides better resistance in areas where there is snow, wind and colder temperatures than 14 gauge steel which is the standard option. You can choose between these two gauges of steel for your carport at Carport.com.

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