Metal Carports, The Supreme Protection

Country House Plan with Carport

Metal carports are light and portable structures that are ideal for the protection of your cars, trucks, and boats. Don’t think that because these structures are light and portable that means they are flimsy and cheap. In fact, we provide the exact opposite! Our metal carports are designed and engineered with strength and durability in mind.

All year round your vehicles are subject to the elements which wears them down. Throughout the summer, vehicles take a beating sun; bleaching their color. During the winter, they are hit with cold snaps, harsh winds, and heavy snowfall. Our metal carport garages are perfect for handling adverse weather conditions.

Boating season is coming to an end as the summer season begins to cool off. As a boat owner, you want the protection for your boat. Having to pay monthly for a storage facility  can become quite expensive over time and then you are forced to pick it up and drop it off at that location. With our metal carports, you know that you can have your boat whenever you want and you know it will be handled with care.

When dealing with our metal carport garages, you have the option of customizing your building to your liking. Whether you want a certain color or size, we are able to handle almost everything! With all of our buildings made from high quality Galvalume steel and top grade 8 bolts, you will get everything you could want in a metal carport garage.

Elephant Structures is the leading provider of high quality metal building kits in the industry. We decide a long time ago to hire only highly skilled individuals to join our team in designing our buildings. We have spent millions in research in order to produce the best type of building for the consumer. Our metal carports have become the best and continue to be the industry’s standard for strength, affordability, and do-it-yourself assembly.

For more information on the strength and durability of our metal carport garages, give us a call at: (855) 227-7678

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