Metal Garage Kit

A Metal Garage Kit You Can Assemble Yourself

A Metal Garage Kit You Can Assemble Yourself
Build a stylish metal garage from a steel kit delivered to your door. This newly assembled metal garage kit has an attached carport patio for grilling, which is awesome.

Metal Garage Kits with crazy custom styles are available for you to build yourself! No advanced construction skills or special tools necessary. Just follow the easy instructions that come with your kit, and get a friend or two to help out if they’re willing.

All our customers design their own carport models online. They update the features of their metal garage kit and customize the shape, size, and color until their ideal design of a metal garage appeals on screen. This design is sent right to our factory in NC where your metal building kit will begin production.  Weeks later, you’ll find the metal kit on your doorstep!

 Scroll down to see potential metal garage kit designs that you could build!

Build a metal garage kit with an attached carport patio. This seamless design fits right into the natural space in this customer’s backyard. Though this customer poured concrete to connect their garage to their driveway, Elephant Structures do not have to sit on a concrete base. Anchored into any kind of soil in your backyard, they’re provide incredible weather protection all year round.

A multifunctional Metal Garage Kit








Check out this model of a metal building that a customer with a heart full of rock n’ roll designed for himself. It proves a point about the versatility of these garages. They’re personalized to your style! Paint it black, or any combination of metal garage kit colors of your choice.

Dark Metal Garage Kit

Similarly, you can design and build a purple three tiered metal garage, or other wild custom model of your fancy.  This particular metal garage kit was modified from an Elephant Barn Kit design. Adapting a barn into a metal garage kit in this way is definitely a good option for those looking to build a large capacity garage or for those who want a compartmentalized style to make their life a little more organized.

Metal Garage Kits







We also offer a wide range of accessories, like these solar powered work lights. Call in to ask about more of our metal garage kit accessories to learn about our options for motion sensor automatic lights.

solar light

Metal Garage Kit: Elephant Structures manufactures, packages and delivers DIY carport kits, garage Kits, barn kits, and workshop kits to your doorstep.  We’ll even deliver and assemble your metal building for free if you request it!

To learn more about our company, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us out on Google Plus. We’re always happy to hear your questions, comments, and messages.



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