Metal Garage Kits You Can Assemble Yourself

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er in need of space to store your cars (or other vehicles or stuff!), metal garage kits might be your answer. Made of 100% steel, metal garage kits by Elephant Structures at are able to be completely customized! No matter what you’re looking to store or shelter from the elements, there is a great option available for you. Walls, doors, colors, height, length, width, anchors, steel gauge and more are all able to be customized during the ordering process.

Get metal garage kits that look great, like this one!

Metal Garage Kits Can Be Used for Just About Anything!

Aside from the satisfaction that you’ll get from assembling one of our metal garage kits yourself, you’ll also be getting an incredibly strong steel structure that will last you a lifetime. What you put inside of it or do with it is up to you. We have had customers use our metal garage kits for everything from start-up auto repair shops to indoor sports practice areas, and certainly other equally creative uses as well.

You can choose to certify our metal garage kits for extra protection against wind and snow (certified structures are upgraded to our 12-gauge steel framing rather than our standard 14-gauge framing) or to fulfill requirements if a building permit is required in your county or state. There are also auger anchors available for extra stability and support (although our standard buildings and anchors are very sturdy and stable, already!) if you so choose.

To learn more about Elephant Structures’ custom metal garage kits, you can give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT to speak with one of our Metal Structures Experts. Remember that if you’re unsure if assembling it yourself is the right option for you, all of our metal garage kits and other structures come with FREE delivery and FREE installation by a team of seasoned installation professionals.

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