Metal Garage Maintenance Tips

Commercial 50x100Steel buildings prove time and time again their superiority in nearly ever facet available, from longevity to the customization and ease of purchasing. They’re also easier to take care of than wooden buildings, no matter what customization options you have went with on your metal structure. There are a few things you can do to ensure the maximum longevity out of your building. We’ve listed some suggestions for your convenience, but keep in mind your building advisor will answer any questions you have about your building before you buy.

Get In The Habit of Assessing Your Building

You’re going to want to check your building a few times annually, depending on the amount of severe weather that your area experiences. You want to luck for any sort of dent, hole, or missing screws and bolts that may have been removed by debris or severe winds.

Don’t Let Your Building Get Dirty

After you’ve got in the habit of assessing your building several times a year in order to ensure you don’t need any repairs or maintenance you should also try to clean the metal structure at the same time. There are metal cleaning products easily found at any hardware store or even your local market. You’ll want to use something on the less acidic side of the PH balance. Like an indoor cleaner with a mix of ammonia and water to remove any sort of caked up grease or mud. rust-864812_1920

Fix An Issue Now, Before it Becomes A Problem Later

Whatever damage you find after a storm no matter how minor should be repaired as quickly as possible in order to alleviate further issues. If you find a panel that isn’t fastened properly after a storm you should fasten it immediately. It’s much more expensive to replace a panel than it is a few screws. Whatever holes you find should also be taken as priority number one. Air circulation during a storm can cause damage to your property inside as well as the building that protects it.

Order Our Vapor Seal Insulation For Your Metal Garage

Anywhere you need to protect your car from the Sun, you’re probably dealing with some heat. Our Vapor Seal Insulation protects the building from condensation and in turn rust. If you couple our Vapor Seal with Spray Foam Insulation you install yourself your building will be climate controlled and extremely durable under pressure from the weather.

If you’re building isn’t going on a concrete pad, we highly recommend you shop around and consider purchasing one. Concrete pads are capable of helping you fight excess precipitation that can erode ground foundation underneath your building. This can cause rust to eat away at the bottom of the panels thus compromising the stability of your building and ensuring some repairs are in your future. You can engineer other methods for preventing excess precipitation but concrete pads are by far the best one.

If you’re in the mountains, or in any area that routinely experiences snow in the winter you want to make sure you go with the Vertical Style Roof option. Certification wouldn’t be a bad idea either, as it allows snow load guarantees. Make sure excess snow doesn’t get piled up on your buildings sides, as it can erode the panels prematurely.

These are just a few things to take into consideration for the long term of owning your building, but there are certification options and commercial grade tubing available that can really push your building to last for a long time. Call in today and speak to a building advisor who will answer all your questions about the longevity of your building, and what customization options you can get in order to push that date even further.

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