Adding Metal Garages to Homes without Garages

Many older homes in moderate climate areas were built without garages, or because of their small original size, the garage was converted to additional living space. When you want to add a garage to one of these homes, you can use metal garages, which can be detached or attached to the existing home. Optional side entry doors can be added which allows you access to the garage without having to open the garage door. Metal garages are a great, accessible way to

Metal Garages Provide Additional Storage

When you need additional storage space and do not want to have to pay monthly rental for a storage unit, you can install metal garages on your property. The garage does not have to be attached, and you can place this new structure anywhere you desire. If you need a place to store lawn mowers, boats, RVs and other equipment, a new metal garage can provide a place to store these items, keeping your property from looking cluttered. You can custom design your own metal garages online at

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