Metal garages can protect your car from criminals and vandalism!

Metal Garages Can Protect Your Car From Vandalism

Many of us like to think we live in a perfect neighborhood and that crime could never happen to us. While most days that is true, good people find themselves on the wrong side of crime all too often. For dozens of vehicle owners in Pittsburgh, this was the unfortunate world they found themselves in last December. If only they had invested in one or our metal garages.

On Wednesday, January 11th, Pittsburgh police charged a South Side man with 36 counts of criminal mischief after neighbors shared surveillance images of someone damaging the side mirrors on their cars in December. The man, sporting a “man bun” hairstyle, was captured on camera kicking cars and jumping on side-view mirrors. A criminal complaint describes the man as a 22-year-old resident who could have been inebriated and walking home from a local bar. Victims and other residents were shocked to find out that someone in their own neighborhood would do something like this. Many didn’t know what his motivation could have been. Damage estimates for individual vehicles ranged from $300 for some residents to around $1000 for one vehicle owner.

Metal Garages Protect Your Property From Crime

In today’s world, it can be difficult to avoid the unfortunate effects of crime and other reckless behavior. Drunken pedestrians roundhouse kick car mirrors, mindless vandals smash out car windows, and “drive-by eggers” hurl eggs at a man in his parked car. It may seem like you need to go to extreme measures to protect your home and property. However, the solution is really much more simple than that.

Keep your property safe from criminals with a metal garage!

Our carports are built with the highest-quality materials and are designed to last for generations. However, they may not provide your vehicle with all of the vital protection it needs. Our online build tool allows you to customize your own fully enclosed garage for an affordable price, all without forfeiting quality or security. If you’re in the market for a metal carport, consider going the extra mile. For total peace of mind, buy a durable and versatile metal garage from Elephant.

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