Prepare for the arrival of spring with one of our metal shelters.

Metal Shelters and the Arrival of Spring

With the change of season approaching, now may be the best time to invest in one of our metal shelters, garages, or carports.

Spring is right around the corner and there are lots of things for us to look forward to. Warmer temperatures bring cookouts, days on the lake, scenic drives, and an explosion of new life for everything in sight. We can all soon look forward to the smell of fresh cut grass, the vivid colors of blooming flowers and trees, and the sounds of birds singing each morning.

This vast array of plants and animals bursting forth at once is a welcome sight for most. However, there are a few things about spring that few are excited about. Among these are two things that can ruin the look of your car: pollen and bird poop.

A Sprinkling of Pollen

You probably wouldn’t think that pollen is harmful for your car. However, pollen can collect quickly and diminish visibility in certain situations. This can make driving much more difficult and dangerous and could lead to a traffic accident. Pollen can also coat the interior of your car with a swift gust of wind. With so many allergens around you, a sneezing or coughing fit could turn into a serious accident. Cleaning your car often is one way to remedy this, but with so much pollen in the air it just isn’t feasible. The best solution (in addition to taking allergy medicine) is to park your vehicle inside. One of our metal shelters, garages, or carports would be a smart and affordable investment.

Bird Poop: A Menace to Society

Aside from looking gross and possibly ruining your visibility, bird poop can eat away at your car’s paint and clearcoat. Just like human urine, bird poop contains high amount of uric acid. When concentrated, this chemical is very corrosive and hazardous.

Protect your car from bird poop with one of our metal shelters.

Unlike mammals, birds do not have a bladder and don’t store liquid and solid waste separately. All of their waste is mixed together in an organ called the cloaca. Solid waste from the intestines is mixed with concentrated uric acid from the kidneys. Both are eliminated at the same time; this creates the thin, watery poops we are familiar with.

High amounts of uric acid in the droppings add the white coloring to the waste. The uric acid levels is bird poop is quite high – with pH levels from 3 to 4.5 – nearly as acidic as household vinegar. With significant corrosive capabilities, protecting your vehicle from these bombs should be a priority. Again, constant washing is one way to deal with this. Your best bet, however, is to shield your vehicle from these airborne threats with one of our metal shelters.

Metal Shelters from Elephant

When it comes to protecting your vehicle and other property, our metal shelters and buildings are the clear choice for home and business owners.

Let us at Elephant Structures assist you in finding what is best for your specific needs. Our custom design software and engineers can guide you through the process and provide you with the best options available. The quality of our products and services is unsurpassed by our competitors. Buying from Elephant will ensure that any investment in protecting your vehicle will be appreciated for years to come.

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