Modern Carport Designs

Modern Carport Designs: Suit Up your Carport

Dreaming about that flying car from Blade Runner while you’re trolling the internet for a new carport or garage? These two distant futures may not be as far as they seem . . .

Modern Carport Designs
The future may not be as far as you think . . . makes it easy to design a modern carport with access to technologically advanced features and a completely upgradable exterior.  Build a model of your carport online and pick your dimensions, colors, walls, windows and garage doors to match your house, yard or flying car.  It’s easy to customize modern carport designs with a few extra features that can really bring it into the 21st century.

Modern Carport Designs with Modern Conveniences

Here’s a taste of the variety of cool upgrades that will turn your standard metal carport design into a modern, multifunctional addition to your home:

  • Triple Sealed Galvanized Steel. The perfected product of a steel-making process that’s 300 years in the works, our galvanized steel modern carport designs use a corrosion resistant layer of zinc, along with two other coatings of sealant, to protect against rust and corrosion.  The three layers of protection and the coating of zinc dust on the inside of steel beams ensure that even if a scratch is deep enough to take away one or two layers, it won’t damage the steel irreparably. This specialized steel is what gives our modern carport designs such a long life. One last note, the steel for our modern carport designs is 100% recyclable!
  • Sealed Paint Coating. Our paint comes in 12 different colors. Not only can this specialized paint beautify your carport, it acts as a third layer of corrosion resistance.
  • Insulation for the summer heat and for the cold winter. This is an especially important feature for anyone who’s interested in using their carport for a mechanic shop, a craftsman’s studio or a man cave.  Ask our customer service staff for recommendations to enjoy your carport in the summer and the winter.
  • Double Sealed Finished Doors. With strategically placed screws and a 1 lb polystyrene core wrapped by a PVC frame, our high quality doors can be securely relied upon to stand up to intruders. Our doors also keep bad weather at bay, double vinyl sealed to protect from leaks no matter how rough the weather.
  • Weather proof windows. Our windows are tested in a lab to ensure that their design ensures all weather scenarios. These tests ensure high standards of water resistance, wind resistance, and structural performance.
  • Silent Automatic Garage Door, with additional features. can recommend an automatic system with all the bells and whistles. The automatic door system that’s satisfied many of our customers comes with an ultra quiet operation system and a lifetime warranty on the heavy duty motor. It’s easily adjustable and can be upgraded with a few extras including: a standby power system that will keep your garage running for up to 20 full cycles (up and down) during a 24 hour blackout, a power door lock to keep intruders intruders from forcing open the door, and a remote work light that turns on and off when you open and close your garage door at night.

For any extra information on futuristic features and modern carport designs, call us toll free at (828) 355-7120,  or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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