Monsoons Threaten Nepal Metal Structures May Help

Metal structures have been built for a plethora of reasons throughout the history of industry worldwide. The best explanation is that steel is an excellent building material. This is primarily due to it’s versatility coupled with it’s affordability and strength. There are no known alternatives as a building material that come anywhere close to the golden ratio steel provides between it’s ability to be recycled and availability. There has been some frightening yet uplifting news involving metal structures in Shikarpa, Nepal. Recently. Nepal was hit with a massive earthquake that displaced a large amount of people in Shikarpa. Many citizens were killed during the earthquake, but the majority are seeking refuge before the monsoon season hits in June. Luckily, there are a large amount of non-profit organizations attempting to assist the population of Shikarpa by building makeshift metal structures.

Metal Structures as Refuge From Monsoon Season

The idea of using a metal structure to protect your entire family from a monsoon is frightening, but remains possible. Time will tell if the structures being created by the citizen group Project EK are strong enough to withstand the heavy winds and rains of the monsoon season. Each metal building for each family is estimated to be valued at around $100 dollars a piece. News sources from Asia say “The project is supported by FNCCI Operation Relief and funded by Namaste Cafe in the United States.” It’s a grassroots effort to not leave the residents out to dry literally during the monsoon season. The problem is the same as the solution however, the affordability provided by transporting the steel and making it as strong as possible leaves the front and back of the small arch exposed. The organization is trying to assist people in reinforcing the holes in the structure with materials that can be found left behind by the destruction of the earthquake that initially caused the displacement in the first place. Talk about making the best of a bad situation. The organization has been quotes on their Facebook page saying “We are just a few citizens who mobilized quickly to see if this idea would even work. Our goal is to have as much information on how to build these shelters so anyone can build them quickly, whether organisations or individuals. People were desperate to figure out what they’re going to do and when we started building this, when we put up the first demo version up in the front of the school, people saw,” said Soham Dhakal. He said “There was a spark that lit up. It was also our idea to let the villagers come up with how they want to use it as long as there’s a basic structure that’s secure and safe.”


Obviously, these people care deeply about the residents of Nepal, and they’re choosing to help them with steel which we advocate for highly. Steel is surprisingly durable and light, and transporting it to Nepal was the best decision. The villagers can reinforce their structure and make small homes with decorations inside and quickly become more comfortable. It’s not ideal, and if it was possible these buildings should be reinforced with certified steel and layers of bracing and trusses like we do in our construction. These structures are put up in around two hours, and the organisation is currently taking donations. If you’re interested in helping, you can donate to the Teach For Nepal Organisation.


Elephant Structures Certified Metal Structures

Our Metal Structures can be certified heavily to withstand extremely high wind speeds and snow loads. Monsoons can be highly dangerous with ridiculously high wind speeds, but you can certify our buildings to custom levels if you’re interested. Our thoughts and compassion extend to the people of Nepal, and we’re happy to know that metal structures of any kind are going to help those in need. If you are in need of a structure to help you protect your property from the elements, be it wind, snow, rain, sun, or all of the above we’ve got you covered.  Just call in or customize a structure to get exactly what you need. Your building advisor would be happy to help you customize your structure and get it certified with extra bracing to point where you’re comfortable with possible weather in the area. If you’re interested in adding your own personal touch and care we offer DIY kits for all our buildings. With all of our buildings however, we also offer free installation and delivery. If you have unique specification or custom requirements for installation than you can request a custom quote or talk to your building advisor.

Elephant Safe Rooms

Elephant Safe Rooms can give you several options for alternative bunkers or safe rooms from storms or even monsoons experienced in the southwest of the United States, or even additions to your emergency plans. Those of you who want to prepare for significant storms should know our underground bunkers can be ordered in large configurations. This allows for a stockpile of non-perishable food, water, and general amenities to be easily stored and lived alongside. Our storm shelters could save your life and possibly your heirlooms in many scenarios, not limited to home invasion, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms and general emergencies. We also have a blog there if you’re interested in learning a bit about safe rooms, the situations they can help with, and general safe room news.

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