More than a Carport

When you think of the word “carport,” there are probably images that come quickly to mind. Whether it’s your neighbors old carport that’s been up for years, or a shiny new model that you’ve been eyeing in the hardware store, you have some sort of preconceived notion about carports, their durability, price, materials, and other factors.

Not all carports are created equal, though.

Carport by

The quality of a carport depends on a lot of factors!

Your neighbor’s old carport that’s stood like a monument in the neighborhood was probably made in who-knows-what-year. Even if it looks great to this day (which, let’s face it, it probably doesn’t…) imagine what updated technology in carport production could get you!

Newer, fresher, more durable and rugged building materials like steel and galvalume ensure that your structure will last and continue to look great for years to come. Quality craftsmanship in construction (our crew of professional installers, as opposed to your neighbor and his 12 year old son) also solidifies your structure as “ready” — ready to take on the elements, ready to stand up to wear-and-tear, and ready to perform its duties for as long as you may need it to!

As for those hardware store models — do you know what they’re made of? Wood cracks, rots, warps, weakens, and decreases in value over time. What looks like a beautiful structure now won’t look so hot after a few rainy seasons, or a few months of baking in the summer sun. Aluminum carports simply can’t compare to the strength of steel, either. Try to hit one with a baseball bat, riding lawnmower, or falling tree branch. The results are not forgiving…

The other advantage that a carport has over the competition is how many customizable options are offered! Colors, sizes, walls, anchoring, windows, doors, the possibilities are endless! Hardware stores and our other competition often offer a “one size fits most” philosophy that just doesn’t work  for us. Why would you want to get a 50′ carport if you only need 44′? With, you’re getting exactly what you need, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

A quick conversation with any of our metal building experts will reaffirm that offers more than the standard carport that your grandpa had; we offer a great quality product with an incredibly long lifespan, wonderful customer service, and an experience that you’re sure to be satisfied with. Give us a call today, 855-CAR-PORT, and see for yourself.

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