Need Building Permit Carport

Need Building Permit Carport?

Elephant Structures Makes it Easy to Meet and Exceed Local Building Requirements

Need Building Permit Carport? We've got you covered.
Need a Building Permit for your Carport? Elephant Structures has you covered.

Do you live in a Hurricane Zone? In Tornado Alley? How can you be assured that your new metal building will meet all the stringent building requirements in your area?

Elephant Structures makes it easy to meet and exceed local building requirements.  While customizing your carport on the Build ID application on our website, simply toggle the “Certified” button on the Frame tab. Requesting a “certified” structure ensures that your custom designed building will be engineered to exceed even the most stringent requirements.  We rigorously test our certified designs to give you the guarantee that your new carport will hold up to 130mph winds (Category III hurricane) and will support heavy snow loads. It also comes with a 20 year rust warranty, which we guarantee you won’t have to use. You can rely on an Elephant Structure.

Are the laws about additions to your house particularly complicated in your area? Are you worried about the amount of bureaucracy you’ll have to go through just to get a new attached garage?

The purchase of a carport from isn’t just a quick and dirty deal. We’re on call for our customers before, during and after their buildings are installed. When you order a certified structure, our customer service team will mail you a copy of your plan upon request. All you need to do to get a building permit is to send this plan, along with a short application, to your local government office, and you’re in business. And if you ever need help, our experts are on call to walk you through the process at (828) 355-7120.

For more questions and answers about metal buildings and requirements requirements check out our FAQ page:

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*Additional charges may apply for certified or site-specific drawings pending the requirements of your local jurisdiction having authority when constructing a structure on your property. Please consult a building advisor to verify any additional costs or if there are any required fees for certified plans in your area. This may vary depending on your state and the location of your construction site. If you place an order online, your order will be reviewed to ensure your order complies with your area. You will be contacted about any additional fees that may apply once your order is processed.


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