Why You Should Only Park Your Car Under A Carport

What Happens To Cars Parked In The Sun?

car-1391960_1920If you don’t have a garage or carport to park your car under you should be worried about what happens to your car in the sun all day. We all know at this point that leaving children and animals in the car is extremely dangerous. But just how high do the temperatures reach after your car has been sitting in the sun?

On a 90 degrees Fahrenheit day, 10 minutes outside in the sun will raise the interior temperature to 109 degrees.

After 20 minutes it gets raised to 119 degrees.

After 30 minutes it’s 124 degrees.

After an hour it’s 133 degrees.

And after just 90 minutes the interior of your car gets raised to 138 degrees.

These temperatures alone are dangerous for the interior of your car and yourself as you enter the car to get where you’re going. However, their are a lot of unforeseen consequences involved in leaving your car in the sun all day. It’s also important to note that this is only after an hour and a half. If you’re at the DMV you could probably be there for at least 4 hours, and the escalation of temperature becomes exponential.  Some of the consequences are extremely frustrating, and some are actually dangerous to your health.

Everybody knows about the scorching burn of the seat-belt clip when you grab it accidentally, but these can actually create long lasting injuries if hot enough. Some leather seats can also cause burn marks on exposed skin if not properly cooled by air conditioner or shade. Pertaining to your car’s health it can drastically shorten your battery life and the possible mileage of your tires. Also, your electronics left in the car can be completely ruined by the heat in a matter of hours. Any devices with batteries inside will suffer from expansion due to the heat possibly damaging the screen and interior components.

Why A Carport Is the Perfect Shade



Our carports are a year around solution for the sun, and if your car is parked in an area where sun hits one side at the end of the day you can close that area only due to our highly customizable method of engineering our carports. We also offer panels as pictured above that can add extra protection from the sun on both sides, allowing your car to be protected heavily. We have three different types of roofs available: The Regular roof is our most standard and has a curved peak with rounded edges on each side. The Boxed Eave roof has horizontal paneling on the roof and an angled peak and overhangs. The Vertical roof is our most premium option with hat channel and vertical paneling to better orientate the rain down the sides. If you want to customize your building to be fully enclosed for protection against theft and even more weather than we also offer an easy method to try and price your options here.  Call in today for a free consultation with one our building advisors.

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