Pre fab Carport

Pre fab carport custom designed by you!
Build a steel pre fab carport exactly the way you want it! Let’s you Design your own Pre fab Carport!

Worried that the standard model won’t fit your car? Other carport designs that you find online too drab? Don’t want your carport to look exactly like everyone else’s on the block?

At, we understand the importance of individuality, and that’s why we make it easy for you to design your own pre fab carport. Check out our easy-to-use Build ID software on and choose your dimensions, your walls, your windows, your garage doors, your roof style, and your color all for an affordable price. We only make custom designs, because we want to make sure that every customer gets the perfect pre fab carport specific to their needs.

Design your own pre fab carport online and have us manufacture and install it for you. If you’d rather assemble the carport kit yourself, just let us know! Our delivery boys will speedily bring it to you and our customer service department can assist you with any questions you have during the assembly process. You’ll also receive a DIY discount.

Why Choose Galvanized Steel for a Pre fab Carport?

We galvanize our steel to make it highly corrosion resistant. This specialized process ensures that your steel pre fab carport is highly corrosion resistant, protecting it from rust even when the exterior coating is scratched or damaged. In addition, all hollow parts are rust resistant on the inside as well as the outside, coated with zinc dust to ensure that every custom designed piece of your pre fab carport stays young and strong for years to come.

Also, steel is 100% recyclable!  In fact, it’s the #1 most recycled material in North America by weight. That makes your steel carport from into a sustainable choice. Go Green with a pre fab carport!

Technologically Advanced Advice: Upgrade your Pre fab Carport

Call us toll free (855 CAR-PORT) and ask about recommendations for installing a garage door operator. Our experts will be happy to give you advice on picking and purchasing a highly rated ultra-quiet garage opener system.  We can recommend a system with upgradable features such as door activated work lights for those craftsmen and mechanics who work late into the night, a power door lock to keep out car thieves and burglars, and a backup power system, so that even if a storm knocks out the electrical lines in your neighborhood, you’ll be be able to access your custom made pre fab carport.

Be thoughtful, be sustainable, but most of all, be yourself when you design a custom pre fab carport from!

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