Crew building a double wide metal garage structure.

Preparing Site for Carports Installations

Building carports requires that the area where the unit will be constructed be prepared ahead of time. You may also need to obtain building permits from your county office in order to erect the structure. When you are having the unit installed for you, you should obtain the needed permits and make sure the area is ready; otherwise this can delay the installation of your new metal carport.

Deciding Where to Place Carports

Carports can be installed either as attached units or detached units, so you must decide where you want your own carport installed. If you already have a garage, you can add the carport to the area in front of the garage offering a covered drive way and a nice shaded area to wash and wax your car or a play area for your children. You can custom design your own carport online at for either type of installation.

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