Protect Your Investment with a RV Carport

12x41 RV Carport
When you make an investment into an RV, camper or other type of trailer, you will want to protect this investment. When you are not using your RV or other type of mobile vehicle, you should store this in an area where it is protected against direct sunlight and inclement weather. An RV carport offers this protection and provides an area to park the RV when you are not using it.

Calculating the Height of Your RV Carport

Determining the size of RV carport you need will require you to take some measurements. The first thing you need to decide is how wide you want the carport to be, especially when storing more than just the RV under the carport. Next, you will need to calculate the height you desire and make sure you allow ample clearance for the RV. This height will be added to the peak height which is the highest point of the structure with the roof. You can obtain help with calculating the height as well as build your own customer carport online at Carport.

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