3 Residential Carport Designs That Impress

A residential carport doesn’t have to be lame. After all, it’s got one of the most important jobs on the homestead, right? And like anything this important, it has to look good. A sleek metal exterior. Not just the husk of a steel building–you want something jazzed up. Something that shows off your snazzy self.

And it doesn’t have to be all about the looks. After all, what use is a good-looking building when it doesn’t actually do anything? That’s why we’ve brought our chic sense of style and combined it with steel designs engineered for durability without equal. Because we take pride in our residential carports. And we want you to be proud of yours.

The Residential Carport

What you see here isn’t just a regular residential carport. This is the future of carports. It’s a residential carport designed to impress. From the sweeping green of your backyard, to the peaking towers of the city, this is the only thing that stands between your car and the elements. And we don’t know about you, but its custom design sure does impress.

White Residential Carport

Custom carport designs can be fully-enclosed. Take this one, for instance. Three walls are perfect for saying, “I am a practical and upbeat homeowner, and I car what happens to my car.” The custom color selection here is clean, modern, and to be honest, pretty slick. The A-Frame roof is modern and gives the carport a sleek, sharp appearance.

red garage

There are few things as charming as a red garage. It’s a reminder of old times. Sure, we made this a blog post about residential carport designs, but what’s a garage if not a fully-enclosed carport? While the white residential carport above provides increased protection against sun and precipitation, this garage design is perfect protection against all the damaging elements. That includes sun, rain, wind, snow, hail, and those slow-attacking autumn leaves. This garage in particular is designed for 2 cars, with plenty of space to move around and store your equipment! Now that’s impressive.

How does your current residential carport stack up to these?

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