Safe Boating Week

What to Know About Safe Boating Week

Safe Boating Week is a part of the North American Safe Boating Campaign funded by a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund and administered by the US Coast Guard. With the boating season approaching at full speed (pardon the pun), the annual campaign is aimed at lowering the number of boating fatalities, which it has accomplished nearly every year. In fact, 2012 (the most recent available data year) saw the least boating fatalities in recent history with only 651 compared to 758 in 2011. Safe Boating Week seems to be a successful program, which is good news for us boaters. Let’s do our best to be responsible, safe boaters this boating season. Check out the Safe Boating Week website here for more information on life jackets, events, statistics, and child safety. It is a wealth of information, and should be read by all who plan on being out in the water this summer.

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Boating Safety Off the Water

The ideas behind Boating Safety Week don’t end after today, and they certainly don’t end once you’re out of the water. To be completely safe on the water, you must adhere to boating maintenance and cleanliness off the water. Store your boat in one of our trusted steel carports or garages. You’ll protect your boat from the elements, saving yourself from boat damage, and also give yourself a space to maintain and clean your boat after taking it out. You’ll save money by not having to pay boating storage fees, and you’ll be able to enjoy boating weather without the hassle of a marina. On top of all the benefits, you get to customize your metal structure, and we’ll deliver and install it for you! It’s worth it. For more boating storage information, check out this blog article. Give us a call at 855-Car-Port, and speak to one of our friendly staff! Also, feel free to visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Google pages for more ideas and information! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to give thanks to the those running the NASBC for Safe Boating Week!

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