Take steps to secure your metal garage!

Take Steps to Secure Your Metal Garage

Safely and conveniently storing your cars and other property is easily the most popular use for our metal garages and buildings. Built entirely of American made steel, they offer uncompromised durability and versatility. All of our walk-in and garage doors can be locked and secured for added peace of mind. Our metal garages and buildings are ready-built to withstand criminal behavior. However, it is never a bad idea to create your own measures to deter would-be thieves. With that in mind, we created a list of tips that you can use to transform your building into Fort Knox.


Adding motion-sensing floodlights is one of the easiest things that you can do to enhance the security of your new metal garage. All of our buildings can be fitted with electricity by the owner after they are constructed. Adding lighting to the interior makes every building much more useful and accommodating.  Why not add lighting to the outside to make it more secure? Floodlights are available at many stores and offer a practical and affordable solution to send criminals running for the hills.


Another creative solution to make your metal garage as safe as possible is to add motion sensing sprinklers to the property surrounding your building. The combination of noise and being blind-sided by water is sure to deter burglars to less-risky targets. Much like motion-sensing floodlights, these offer a practical and affordable solution that will even water your lawn for you.

Door and Window Alarms

The rise in popularity of home security systems has also spawned an entirely new market of do-it-yourself home security products. Wireless window and door monitors can sense when something has been opened and respond with a deafening alarm. As with the floodlights and sprinklers, this is meant to scare away would-be burglars before they can make off with your property. The last thing a criminal wants to do during a burglary is attract attention with bright lights and loud noises. By exposing them in the act, your property will be safe as they retreat, panicked and empty handed.

Metal Buildings from Elephant

Looking for something to securely store all of your vehicles and property? You should seriously consider one of our metal garages or buildings. Designed by you and engineered for unsurpassed versatility and strength, our metal buildings offer an affordable and high-quality solution to your storage needs. Call us today and start building the garage or workshop of your dreams.

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