She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas and Uses

Step aside, men. Women have heard enough about your need for the solitude of a man caves over the  years. It’s time for the ladies to have a space to call their own, too. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this oversight. Enter, the realm of the “She Sheds.” These stand alone metal buildings echo the statement of a man cave but are targeted to fit the needs of a woman and the things that help her to relax and unwind.

From work space, arts and crafts, to yoga, every women needs a break from the real world on occasion. Regardless of what hobbies you may prefer, a she shed is the perfect escape for the busy modern woman.

Creating Your Own She Shed Oasis

Small She Shed

From garden sheds to storage sheds, it’s easy to convert these metal buildings into the she sheds of your dreams by using a bit of creativity. Simply take your standard prefab sheds and add a bit of color and a lot of functionality to create a relaxing oasis in your own backyard. Here are a few ideas of how you can take metal storage sheds and add a feminine touch.

Home Office

For the busy working woman, perhaps a quiet work-space is the best use for one of the she sheds. Set up an office away from the hustle and bustle of the living area for a working environment that is free from distractions. Backyard sheds provide just the right amount of privacy to allow for maximum concentration when trying to meet an important deadline.

woman doing yoga hand stand


Yoga is known to help relieve stress, which makes it a perfect theme for one of our she sheds. The transition of turning metal sheds into zen-like yoga studios is easier than you may think. All you need are some relaxing colors and enough space for your yoga mat. You’ll be perfecting your downward dog and warrior poses in the tranquility of one of the converted backyard sheds in no time!


The only thing that makes a good book even better is being able to read in a peaceful and quiet setting. Make your escape to another world as wonderful as possible by transforming one of the metal storage sheds into a comfortable reading nook. Add lots of cozy pillows and install bookshelves along the walls to house your growing book collection to really customize the space.

Arts and Crafts

Love painting, scrapbooking or one of the many other popular arts and crafts options but have a hard time finding the space or quiet time to work on your passion? Backyard sheds make the perfect location for setting up an arts and crafts space. Choose one of the prefab sheds, set up an easel and get to work. Perhaps you could even start by painting the walls and adding your own personal touch!


Considering that garden sheds are already located in the garden, it only makes sense that these metal buildings could be used for gardening. If you’re looking for a calm spot to test your green thumb, you could consider converting one of the backyard storage sheds into a true garden sheds, complete with your collection of live plants.

However you choose to use your she shed, you’ll undoubtedly love having a private oasis that is all your own. Men can have their man caves just as long as women can escape to their she sheds, too!

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