Single Slope Carport Plans

Single Slope Carport Plans

 Customizable A-frame or Single Slope Carport Plans that are at Home against your Home

Single Slope Carport Plans and A-Frames
This customer outfitted their Elephant Structures carport with horizontal siding orientation to match the house.  We’ve got triple, double, and single slope carport plans available, and we’ll install carports right in your driveway!

Single Slope Carport plans are usually drawn up to blueprint a lean-to addition on a home. These carports or covered garages need to blend in naturally with the colors of your home. They need to be stylish as well as strong.  Built right, with color and roof style to match, they will dramatically increase the value of your home.

But you can’t just pick it out of a catalog of dull standard models that are sure to stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood. How can you be sure that the single slope carport plans that you order will be the perfect fit for your home?

Elephant Structures has an answer; to get the single slope carport plans that are right for your home, design and draw out the carport yourself.  Our Build ID application provides an easy solution, allowing you to custom build a virtual model of your carport online. Match a carport to your house by choosing your roof style, the colors of your side panels, your dimensions, and even the direction of the ridges on your side panels. To be sure the colors of your single slope carport plans will match the reality of your house, order our $1 package ($1 total!) of paint samples.

Unfortunately, single slope carport plans aren’t available to be customized online at this moment in time. We encourage single slope customers and inquirers to call one of our expert sales representatives (828-355-7120) who will walk you through your buying process, your custom options, your quote, and your delivery dates. You can also submit your single slope carport plans via our Custom Building Quote form online.

Elephant Structures provides a variety of metal buildings and single slope carport plans for customers in 48 states. To learn more about our company, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear your comments and questions!


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