Metal carport made easy to maintain.

Steel Barns, Garages, RV Covers Are All Available Sells Steel Barns Too!

You don’t necessarily think steel barns when you think carports, but you should! You should also think garages, RV covers, boat covers, and all kinds of other metal structures. Why? Because at Elephant Structures, we specialize in any and every sort of steel building!

Get your steel barns, garages, RV covers, boat covers and more from Elephant Structures!

Of course we still sell steel carports; they’re our specialty, we’re good at them. But we’re also great at steel barns, garages and other metal buildings, they’re exciting for us! We take pride in bringing you tough, durable structures that will last a lifetime (and longer). Like our carports, our steel barns and other buildings are made with incredibly strong galvanized steel (either 14 or 12 gauge, your pick!). You still have those 12 great colors to choose from, and you can mix and match for roof and trim for your steel barns if you want to. The option to certify is still available, and our certified and super certified building have great wind and snow load ratings that will satisfy almost any permit requirement! Best of all, with steel barns and garages, you have the added safety and security of a fully-enclosed (or 3/4, 1/2, etc. enclosed) building that you can put doors on and lock! That means you’re protected from winds that may blow debris into the side of your structure, and the contents of your building are safe from theft,  vandalizing, and pretty much every other possible damaging element. Our carports are wonderful and incredibly durable, but if you’re needing that extra notch of protection, look into our steel barns, garages, and other enclosed structures!

To learn more about the types of buildings we offer, or to place an order for steel barns, garages, or other structures, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’re excited to tell you about all the buildings and features we can offer you!

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