Steel Garage Customization Options

When you buy your garage with Elephant Structures at, we offer you a wide variety of steel garage customization options to choose from. No matter what you plan to use your garage for, there is an Elephant Structures steel garage to meet your exact needs.

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Steel Garage Options Available to You

 One of the great things about buying from Elephant Structures at is that you have the ability to make a completely custom structure that is totally unique to you. All aspects of size (length, width, height) are up to you. You can choose from a variety of garage doors, walk in doors, windows, and cutouts, allowing as much or as little light into your structure as you want. All of our structures come with standard anchoring, but we also offer added-stability auger anchors if you’d like, allowing your steel garage or other building to stand up to even the strongest wind ratings. Orientation of roof panels and siding is up to you (vertical or horizontal) as well. Finally, we have a variety of 12 colors that you can mix and match (roof, wall, end, and trim colors can all be the same or different, it is your choice!), allowing you to coordinate your new steel garage with existing buildings if you so choose.

If you head over to the main page of our site and utilize our carport and garage builder tool, you will see all these customization options and more available to you. Play around with it, receive an instant quote (with no forms to fill out!) and figure out the perfect combination of features for you and your steel garage.

Have you looked through our website and decided you’re ready to order an Elephant Structures steel garage? Great! Give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT and let us know you’re all set; we’ll be glad to help you place your order over the phone. You can also proceed past the garage and  carport designer on our main page and checkout online. It’s that simple!

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