22 x 26 Two Car Steel Garage with Metal Roof

Steel Garages are Sturdier than Wooden Garages

22x26 Two Car Steel Garage with Metal Roof

When you are looking for a sturdy design for a garage you should check out steel garages which offer a better construction than wooden garages. Wood can deteriorate over time as finish wears off and become infested with insects, such as termites, and rot. Steel on the other hand, is designed to last much longer, comes treated with anticorrosive protection to prevent against rusting, and is much stronger than wood.

Steel Garages Come in Different Sizes and Colors

You are not limited to just one color with steel garages, and can choose from a wide array of different choices, including grey, red, blue, and brown. Trim on these garages can also be picked to match the design of the home or building where the garage is being installed, as well as choose the size and height of unit needed, and are available from Carport.

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