Make the sustainable choice with one of our steel strutures.

Steel Structures are the Sustainable Choice

With a near-fatal blow coming to the EPA’s budget and its ability to protect the environment, it may be time to take environmentalism into your own hands. Steel structures from Elephant are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly building choice, much less impactful and negative that traditional wooden buildings.

A new dawn is on the horizon in American government and politics, one that could significantly affect life for the average American. The installation of a daunting new administration has left government agencies and departments in limbo, unsure if they will be the victim of job and budget cuts. One of the biggest departments in the new President’s crosshairs, the Environmental Protection Agency, also happens to be one that is very influential on both commerce and infrastructure.

Budget Cuts

President Trump has proposed scaling back the size and enforcement powers of the EPA, making it easier for contractors and builders to begin constructing new infrastructure without being held back by bureaucratic government demands and tests. According to CNN, cuts are expected to slash as much as a quarter of the EPA’s budget. One former EPA official said that the new cuts would be devastating and a current employee said the cuts would weaken the agency to a point where it can only do its most basic functions.

By scaling back resources and restraining the enforcement capabilities and power of the EPA, President Trump hopes to streamline construction processes and boost infrastructure spending. This would keep true to one of his biggest campaign promises on rebuilding America’s roads, bridges, and utility systems. However, reducing the influence of the EPA could have drastic effects on the environment, resources, global warming, and the American economy for decades to come.

More Important Than We Think?

Environmental tests are an important part of any construction project. They take into consideration the effect that the project might have on drinking water, soil quality, erosion, runoff, wildlife concerns, and geologic properties. Completing these tests thoroughly and without bias ensures that continuing with construction in the proposed area will not pose any threat to the future of that region. Reducing these requirements and regulations could lead to environmental or even structural issues caused by hastily planned construction.

While such changes in policy and budget cuts are not yet a reality, it is wise to consider the effect that it could have on your and your community and to think of ways that you can stymie these negative consequences. One way is to invest in one of our high-quality steel structures instead of a traditional wood-framed building.

Steel Structures From Elephant

Our steel structures are built with sustainable, recyclable materials that will last for generations. Steel structures, as opposed to traditional wooden buildings, use far less resources and have a much smaller impact on their environment. They can be installed nearly anywhere and do not require and concrete footprint or foundation. They can also be easily disassembled and moved and have a huge variety of uses, from protecting your vehicles to acting as your home office. If you’re in the market for a new building, make the environmentally-friendly choice and purchase one of our steel structures today!

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