Steps to Designing Custom Carports

When designing custom carports there are several factors you need to take into consideration. First you must decide whether you will install the carport over gravel and dirt or a cement slap. The installation site will need to be prepared before you can have your carport installed. The next step is to determine the length, width and height for the carport. The final steps are to custom build the carport, select color options and place your order with

Determining Height for Custom Carports

One issue when designing custom carports is determining the proper dimensions for the structure. Length and width are standard and will be the length of the structure from front to back and width will from side to side. Height on the other hand is the highest point that you will need the structure to be in order to provide sufficient clearance for the car, truck or RV and is not the same as the peak height which is the highest point of the structure and will always be more than clearance height.

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