Use your tax refund on one of our custom metal buildings!

Use Your Tax Refund on a Custom Metal Carport!

This year, don’t blow your tax refund on a family vacation or some unnecessary expense. Invest it back into your home or business with a custom metal carport, garage, or workshop from Elephant!

Uncertainty Ahead

The beginning of every year is often a confusing time for many people. The holidays are over and many of us are considerably heavier thanks to all that home cooking. You may have started a New Year’s resolution which you’re already having regrets about. You could have sadly realized  that another year has passed so quickly and not much has changed. Or you may be dreading the thought of having to file your taxes in hopes that you’ll get something back.

If you are lucky enough to get some green from old Uncle Sam this year, why not use it to better your home or business?

A Safe, Useful Investment

Our custom metal buildings are perfect for such a wide variety of uses. Store all of your lawn equipment and supplies in a safe and secure place. Keep your tools and materials indoors, safe from weather and other damaging elements. Protect your car from ice, snow, rain, hail, falling debris, high winds, pollen, bird droppings, and anything else you could think of. Store dry food, supplies and equipment, or keep a freezer full of perishables so that your family is always prepared in the case of emergency. Create a custom workshop for your work or all of your favorite hobbies. Custom metal buildings make fantastic art studios, automotive garages, and retail or warehouse space. Whatever you decide to do with your structure; the possibilities are nearly endless.

Our custom metal shelters can be erected in just a few days and can be installed almost anywhere. Invest in one for your business to keep inventory secure and nearby. Easily store equipment, promotional items, or products that aren’t being used or sold. Our structures are perfect for small businesses, office space, farmers markets, craft festivals, garage and yard sales, parks, picnic areas, and so much more.

Custom Metal Shelters from Elephant

Durable, versatile, and affordable, our custom metal structures are the best choice for any storage, garage, or building projects. Any of our structures can be fully customized from scratch using our intuitive online build tool. Change the dimensions, roof height, add doors and windows, and change the color of your new building to match your existing properties. Financing is available for many of our buildings, as well as free shipping and installation on your ready-made site.

For more information or to schedule an on-site consultation, call us today. Once you finish designing your building, you can place a deposit on it to begin the manufacturing process and expedite the process. When it comes to custom metal buildings, Elephant is an industry leader and a trusted manufacturer!

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