A-Frame Roof Benefits for a Carport or Garage

Why do we recommend an A-Frame Vertical Roof for your metal garage or metal carport?

While an A-Frame Vertical roof is only required on structures over 31′ long, there are several reasons to choose this option on smaller buildings as well.

Our most advanced roof design, it gives your structure a modern, finished look. However, appearance is not the only benefit of the A-Frame roof. This angular roof is overall stronger and great for locations that get heavy amounts of snow. The vertical roofing gives you a heavier weight load, and the overhanging eaves on either side help rain, snow or debris fall away from your carport.

Water can not pond on an A-Frame roof, and will drain away from your door opening (unless your doors are located on the side). Also, vertical roofs do not have overlapping panels, which are more prone to leaks.

When you choose an A-Frame Vertical roof, you will receive trim on all four eaves, a ridge cap, and a hat channel for vertical support. There is a 6″ overhang on all four eaves.

As always with carport.com, you will be able to choose your color combination for your roof, trim and sides. With twelve colors to choose from, your carport or garage can be as traditional or creative as your heart desires.

For more information, contact Jessica at (855) 227-7678 or via email at Carport.com.

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