The Ideal Metal Garage Workshop

A Workshop for Hobbyists or Professionals

If you are in need of a new workshop, or thinking about building your first one, consider a metal garage from First, think about what you want in a workshop. What comes to mind? I’d imagine the list of qualities looks something like this: durable, secure, customizable, and a nice looking exterior. One of our steel buildings easily covers all of these basic needs:

  • Durable: Made with high quality 12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel, our metal garages are incredibly strong.
  • Secure: Certify and anchor yours to withstand extreme weather, and add garage doors to keep unwanted guests out.
  • Customizable: If you need extra space, design it. If you need extra windows or doors, design it. If you need anything at all, we can help. Use our simple online builder to design the perfect building.
  • Eye-Candy Exterior: We build attractive buildings! Customize yours with style, color, and trim options to fit the look of your home. There’s a reason why our products increase your home’s value; they look great!

metal garage workshop

The Best Package Deal

From start to finish, we want to help you build the perfect building. We’ll help design with you, and work through any road bumps. Then we’ll do the manufacturing, and deliver and install for free! However, seeing as you seem to be the Do-It-Yourself type, you can save 5% on your final building cost by opting to install your structure yourself! It’s a simple project, and upon completion will instill even more pride that your workshop is finished.

At Elephant Structure’s, providing our customers with the best experience is our goal. Our process is designed to make your life easy, and to give you a final product that will serve you well for years to come. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly team members, give us a call at (855) CAR-PORT!




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