Car Port Roof Type Affects the Roof Peak and Clearance

The type of roof you select for your car port can affect the center brace clearance and peak height of your unit. While these heights are important, you can always be sure that you have sufficient clearance when you use the side height from the ground to the start of the roof for the largest item you will be parking under the carport. This measurement should be adjusted when there are items on top of the vehicle, like luggage containers, AC units on RVs and other objects, which can add to the height of the vehicle.

Do-It-Yourself Car Port Includes Free Delivery

While all of our prices on our website include free delivery and installation, you may want to install your car port yourself. We offer car port kits, which include free delivery. You can give us a call to get a quote on the structure you need or use our “Shop Car port Kits” link on our website to be taken to our custom building tool, which will show pricing for our car port kits.

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