Three Car Carport

Three Car Carport
A customer adapted this barn design into a three car carport, showing the versatility of Elephant Structures. One man's barn is another man's garage!

 A Three Car Carport with a Variety of Designs

Using our virtual carport or virtual barn builder online, Elephant Structures customers have a lot of options to choose from when designing their three car carport. Adapting from barn designs and carport designs, customers have a choice between the benefits of each.

Features of a Three car carport built from a Barn

  • The triple tier system gives you lots of roof height, so much that  you could park a camper in the middle and two cars on the side. The barn in the photo is a two in one, an RV carport and a double car garage.
  • Efficient, and complex three tier drainage systems.
  • Side doors for easy entry .

Features of a Three car carport built from

  •  Continuous interior space undivided by triple tiers.
  •  An affordable price.
  •  This is a DIY friendly structure that comes with easy-to-apply instructions. Build a three car carport with a couple of friends, no construction experience or specialized machinery required! You’ll even receive a %5 discount if you do choose to build it yourself.

Any Elephant Structures Three Car Carport will give you:

  • Free Installation and Delivery included in the price of your order!
  • Unbeatable strength against the elements.
  • Weatherproofed and extra sealed for decades of corrosion resistance.
  • Never-fade paint that can be washed to a brand new shine with no more than a garden hose.
  • The ability to upgrade and adapt your carport at any point in the years down the road, and the expert customer service to help you do it!

Elephant Structures manufactures, delivers, and installs a customer’s ideal design of a new three car carport, farm barn, shed, or workshop. To learn more about our company, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear your comments and questions!


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