Tips for Cleaning Your Carport

Cleaning your Carport is something that some of our customers have had questions about. Here we have a few tips to help you keep your garage or carport spic and span, and increase the longevity of your structure.


The floor is subject to a lot of wear and tear if you use concrete for the foundation (which we highly recommend). If you have the money and the time, it’s beneficial to recoat every few years. The foundation will be under heavy traffic, even though it’s stationary, and if you have any leaks in your car you can definitely expect some stains. If you have some spare sealer, and/or degreasing detergent you’ll be grateful you recoated when you inspect your building after a few years.


If you use a specific area to park your car each time, you’re already doing half off this tip. If you mark off where you park, you can keep any stray items you recently stored in your carport from being too close to your parking area. Tape works well, but a nice paint job and a little time can make your parking space look nice. If you end up hitting your carport frame you can damage the structure pretty quickly.

Wiping it Off

Just wiping your carport with water and soap can keep residue from accumulating at an excessive rate, and leave your carport shining and clean. This is a simple tip, and some may leave the cleaning to rain and wind. However, wiping down your edges and lines in the framing can keep your carport from harboring unwanted residue from mother nature, especially a few days after a storm or a dry period.

Remove Snow and Leaves

If you live in an area that has snowy winters, make sure to remove snow that builds up between snow storms. Our structures can be certified to withstand snow loads, and this will generally be enough not counting freak blizzards and extreme snowfalls. If the snow doesn’t melt due to the temperature never escalating ice can solidify and increase the snow when it snows again. When fall comes around, make sure to remove leaves. Leaves don’t generally way a lot, but whenever it rains or moisture gets in the air the leaves can soak up that moisture and create excess load on your carport.

Building Placement

Keeping your building clean can remove certain aspects of maintenance of course, and one way is to make sure your building is placed on an area where water slopes away from the building. Moisture in contact with your metal sheeting continuously can cause damage, and if it’s around your foundation then erosion can take place if you didn’t install on concrete.

Weather Strips

Weather stripping can be purchased at nearly any department store, and can be used to obstruct debris and elements of the nature outside. If your building is enclosed, weather stripping can do wonders for increasing the quality of air in your garage.

Our metal buildings are are top of the line and high in quality. These tips aren’t meant to be mandatory, but it does allow you to increase the longevity and appearance quality of your building. Our buildings can be certified, insulated, and built with extra bracing to navigate slow loads to extremely high levels. Elephant Structures makes buildings that last, but these tips will help keep your building around for a long time.

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