Two Car Garage Kit

Two Car Garage Kit

Two Car Garage kit
All Elephant two car garage kits can be designed to your liking online.

Assemble a two car garage kit yourself or have us a deliver and install your new garage for free!

Design a two car garage kit online and assemble it in your driveway. Design a two car garage with extra space for storage or for a workshop space. Customize your garage into a run-in shelter for your animals. With Elephant Structures online virtual two car garage kit design application, there are unlimited possibilities.

A garage will save you money in the long run by protecting the vehicles that you rely on for your commute or for traveling.  Under cover, a car will be protected from sunlight, which can cause your paint to fade, from rain, which will rust the frame after too long, and from storm damage.  A garage will keep your cars looking great and running for miles ahead.

Whether you’re building a two car garage to improve the longevity of both you and your spouse’s car or an extra space to place a couple of antique cars, your custom structure will be DIY friendly. You’ll be able to put together your two car garage kit yourself, anchoring it into the ground or into a concrete foundation, and you’ll even receive a 5% discount.

A DIY install is fun and easy to do. Use the opportunity to bond with your family or friends. No construction experience or advanced technology required!  All you need is a good attitude, a couple household tools and a couple weekend days to spend on the project.

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