Using A Carport as a Pottery Studio and Shop

Elephant Structures has been involved in the metal building industry for many years, and our crew has a shocking amount of combined experience. You could say there’s metal in our blood, but we’re still real people just like you! We know that after you’ve done something for a long  time, whether it’s woodworking, landscaping, sculpture, painting, or simply any sort of recreational activity you start to acknowledge the art form that’s present within any craft. It’s no different with metal buildings either. There are a lot of competitors within this industry, and the newer ones seem to make the same mistakes. What we’ve learned after delivering quality products with the primary intent of satisfying our customers for so long is that customers know what they want even if they don’t at first. What that means is in general you may not know what you want when you get the idea of a metal structure on your property exactly, but once you discuss the options and start to get an idea of the possibilities of your price range, etc, then you learn what you want to a T. That’s why we offer so many customization options, because when it comes to customer satisfaction choice is numero uno. There’s an art to business in the same way that there is an art to crafting a metal building.

Using Our Metal Buildings as a Pottery Barn

If you’re interested in the arts, and you possibly even consider yourself an artist then don’t be intimidated  by the state of the art engineering and technological advancements present within our buildings. We retain the hand crafted expertise of our engineers as the fundamental driving force of our creations, keeping us above the competition. As we mentioned before, they can be designed with any sort of customized aesthetic in mind. If you want to shoot for a more “homey” vibe with wood paneling on the inside simply allot your budget to contain the wood needed and either hire a contractor after we install the building or do it yourself to add that personal touch.  We’ve actually had several customers call about using our metal buildings for a specific artisan trade, pottery. There’s usually one thing within the design of an outdoor pottery studio that potters either have to have or desire immensely, the kiln. With a kiln, you need a space for ventilating smoke through the roof or the side. We offer inexpensive frame-outs that can be fitted onsite during your free installation and delivery. The onsite fitting and cutting is important in this situation, because of the varying sizes of kilns, and usually the pottery shop should be kept free from the elements. That’s why we recommend planning your build around your kiln, ordering a fully enclosed garage, and also making sure your building is installed on a concrete foundation.

20x26 Metal Garage with Lean-to

Ordering our Carports Custom or Otherwise

We understand that artists desire to add their personal touch to the areas they live and the things they create, so we offer custom buildings for those customers with unique specification requirements or unique desires for installation. If you order or building as a DIY kit however, you can get your building in a kit form that will allow you to build the building yourself and make adjustments from there. We can also do those custom frame-outs before hand if you need to plan around your kiln. Those are our more complicated options for building a potter workshop or hobby barn, but if you want the simplest option all of our buildings can be customized in our online builder or ordered by photo online. These building all come with free delivery and installation.


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