Vehicle Maintenance

The winter season is coming and you better be prepared. The winter months and the elements that come along with it put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. Whether it be snow and salt or just the below freezing temperatures your car needs to be maintenance. These tips discussed below will allow you to save money and make your vehicle last longer with less repairs.

1. Change your Oil and Oil Filter. Everyone knows that changing their oil is first and foremost one of the most important maintenance tasks associated with having a running vehicle, because oil is the life and blood of your vehicle. The one thing that people forget is when to change their oil. How do you know that it is time to change your oil? Well, on most of the newer vehicles there is an electronic reader that tells you when you should change your oil, but it is a little different on older model vehicles. On older model vehicles, you should check your oil dip stick at least once a week; especially if you take long trips: 2 hours or more. Changing your oil filter goes along with every time you change your oil. Let your mechanic know or tell your closest auto parts dealer that you want to change your oil filter and they will match your vehicle to the correct size oil filter for your vehicle.

2. Examine your engine’s belts and hoses. Pop your hood and take a look around if you see any irregularities with your belts and or hoses. Your belts should look solid black with no tears, rips, or damages made to them. Also, make sure your hoses are not frayed or have any cracks on them because that can lead to a much bigger problem. Dealing with temperature extremes, your vehicle needs to be checked out and maintained just about every week.

3. Check your Tire Tread & Tire Pressure. Driving in the winter is more dangerous than any other time of the year. In order to safely drive down the road in sleet, snow or freezing conditions tire tread is the number one factor helping you drive safer. Having 4 Wheel Drive helps tremendously, although it won’t keep you from slipping if you are driving on ice. Another factor to consider is checking your tire pressure. This is crucial because in colder months tire pressure goes down. So checking your pressure in your tires 2 times a week in the winter months is necessary.

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