What is a Car Port?

People might confuse a garage with a car port, but there are differences, the most obviously one being that a garage has walls on three sides and a garage door on the front allowing the unit to be completely closed. Car ports on the other hand are left open and at a minimum only have a roof which provides protection for the car from direct sunlight and some elements, and does not have to have side walls.

Information about Installing a Car Port Online

Modern car port styles made of steel and other metals provides the ability to either have the units professionally installed or obtained in a kit for people, who like to Do-It-Yourself projects. Kits contain all the necessary components needed to build the unit, but before the unit can be erected, the area where it will be installed needs to be properly prepared.

Information about site preparation, as well as custom designed car ports is available at Carport.Com, which offers both DIY and professionally installed options for your new car port.

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