What size garage door is right for me?

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What size garage door is right for me?

When choosing your new metal garage, it is important to think about what size garage door will best fit your needs. At carport.com, we offer five different sizes of garage door that range from 6′ wide x 7′ high to 10′ wide x 10′ high. While a 6’x7′ door may be ideal for a golf cart, tractor, motorcycle, or 4-wheeler (ATV), it is probably too small for a standard vehicle. It is important to measure the width and height of the car or truck you intend to store in your new garage. Carport.com recommends adding at least six inches to the width of your measurement to avoid scraping your mirrors while entering your garage. This additional width also makes it easier to walk through your garage door while your vehicle is parked inside. Most vehicles fit in an 8′ wide x 7′ high garage bay.

If you want to build a two car metal garage, the minimum structure size recommended is 22′ wide x 21′ long x 8′ leg height. Carport.com’s prices start for as little as $3,790 installed and delivered on your site. Please note, this price does not include State or Local taxes. To build your own structure, check out this building by clicking here. If you need a permit in your region, you will need a certified structure.

It may also be wise to think carefully about the height of your garage door. Aside from the obvious height of your car or truck, you may need to allow room for things like antennas, roof racks and storage containers. If you have any questions about what size garage door is best for you, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT to speak to a representative.

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