A model steel arch garage with one wide roll up door and a walk in door with grid windows.

Will the Value of Your Property Rise or Fall After Purchasing a Metal Carport?

When it comes to evaluating the value of your home, metal carports are somewhat ambiguous in their nature of helping or hurting. If you’re a property owner, you probably have some questions about whether or not your required metal carport would be beneficial to your property value. In many cases, the answer is yes. Most of our customers choose buildings that compliment their home aesthetically. With custom carports built and engineered by our professionals, you can get buildings that have unparalleled longevity. With the competition, you can get buildings with improper bracing that buckle underneath snow loads or debris after a storm. In some cases, our structures can reduce the cost of home insurance.  In all cases, we recommend you install on a concrete pad. This will always increase the value of your building, the durability during high winds, and reduce the possibility of erosion from rain. If you’re unclear as to how to choose a carport that will increase the value of your home, you needn’t worry. We have some information below on how to do so.

custom metal building

 Choose Elephant, for the High Quality Steel and Construction

Metal structures are manufactured from mainly steel. Some manufacturers choose to construct their structures from aluminum, which is sturdy but not as weather resistant and durable as steel. When it comes to steel, there are different gauges to consider. The lower the number, the better the gauge. The standard of steel gauge is 14, and the upgrade commonly comes in at 12. Some companies do not offer 12 gauge, and thus reduce the possibility for quality and increase to the value of your home. At Elephant Structures, we are happy to provide or customers as many options as we can, including premium options for customers concerned about the value of their property. All of our steel is quality, and galvanized. We offer a 20 year rust through warranty on all of our steel, including our most basic sheeting and gauge. If you’re interested on purchasing the most premium building possible, be sure to select a certified building with 12 gauge. The maintenance of our most premium buildings is atypically minimal, as rust spots can be easily painted or treated, and paneling can be replaced if a tree falls or something similarly unfortunate happens to your structure.

Picnic area cover with many frameouts an the sides.

Good Placement May Greatly Increase Value

Carports are obviously more convenient when placed with your own traffic and accessibility in mind, but you may not have considered the elements and future possibilities of construction are just as important for property value. When you align your structure for easy access, you’re benefiting yourself as well as future owners of your property. Albeit, our structures are made with the capability of being dismantled and transported, your new home may not require the same structure or you may just be in the mindset of purchasing new one upon moving. All of your buildings are built to local codes and loadings, and if you’re moving your building may not fit the new requirements. If you’re initial structure is also purchased to be open, you may want to enclose it in the future. If you have the future in mind when making any decision, including the purchase of a carport or metal structure you are more aligned to benefit from the decision. If you have questions about the nature of the integrity of the structure of our buildings, you can speak with an advisor for a free consultation.

Match or Compliment the Color With Existing Structures

Nearly every piece of your structure from the roof, paneling, trim, and gables can be changed to a different color. We also offer free wains-coating for further customization. If you choose colors that compliment or match your house and/or other existing structures you can expect an increase to the value of your property.

A model steel arch garage with one wide roll up door and a walk in door with grid windows.

Style Your Construction To Be Aesthetically Pleasing

When you choose your structures styling and additional walls, panels, or gables, it can benefit the value of your property by matching your building and customizing a structure that is pleasing to the eyes. This can be done by partially enclosing sides, half walls, leaving shaded areas open, attaching gables to the front and back, or any number of customization combinations. Speak with your building advisor on popular combinations, or check out our shop by photo area to see some of our most popular building. When choosing dimensions, you also want to pick a proportionately pleasing building as well. When you design a building that’s taller than your house or other structures it may reduce the value of your property.

For 37 years we’ve designed and engineered the best metal structures that money can buy. When purchasing from Elephant, you get the best quality carports in the business. Therefore, the value of your property goes up. In some cases, the most premium structures that our competitors offer will still cause your property value to go down. We work to make our buildings affordable without sacrificing our quality and strength of construction. Just google for yourself, collapsed carports to see some of the building our competitors sell as premium carports. Elephant is in the business of providing good product and customer satisfaction. With the ability for extreme customization and many upgrades you have the capability to raise your property value considerably. Give us a call or use our state of the art builder free of charge.

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