Winter Carport

Winter Carport

The winter season is always brusque with its introductions. It usually starts with an icy rainy mess in the fall that reminds you, once and for all, that summers over. But there’s no need to lock up your car, and hibernate in your home as long as you’re equipped for the winter months. Here’s a few tips for setting up the perfect winter garage or carport to protect your valuables, vehicles, and keep the cold weather at bay.

winter carport
Suit up for the snowy season!
  • Winter Prep. Kits – Get one for your home and keep in your car, in case you ever get stuck in the snow somewhere. These should include: ice scrapers, snow shovels, salt, sand, hand warmers, flashlights, batteries, water bottles, an am/fm radio, matches, a pocketknife, fire extinguishers, emergency contact information, and last but not least, a fully stocked first aid kit.
  • Insulation – If you use your garage as a workshop, a studio, or a mechanics garage during the warmer months, insulating your metal building will allow you to continue working on your hobby all winter long. Spray insulation or vinyl fiberglass insulation work best to trap heat in steel buildings. Contact elephant structures to learn more about the options for your winter carport.
  • Carport Storm Protection – Cut branches of overhanging trees that could fall on your carport due to heavy snow loads or high winds.
  • Winter Car Care Accessories – Stock up your winter carport with: a set of snow tires, an extra bottle of anti-freeze, brake fluid, engine oil, tow chain or rope, and jumper cables.

Elephant Structures has experience building winter carport and garage designs for customers in climates all across America. Whether you’re preparing for a barrage of snow in the Rockies, or suiting up a carport for stormy weather on the coast, has a carport to keep you covered!

For more information, check out these tips from FEMA that should help you further prepare your winter carport. If you liked this article, and want to read more Elephant Structures updates, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

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