Wood Carports vs. Metal Carports

Wood Carports compared to Metal Carports

Wood carports versus metal carports: it’s a debate worth considering.

There are many differences in metal and wood carports that make them appealing to different buyers.   We believe that metal carports come out on top in this battle.  Wood Carports do offer an aesthetic appeal that some prefer.  However this is where it ends.  When it comes to durability, cost, maintenance, assembly, and time consideration, metal carports come out on top.



Metal carports outshine wood carports in durability.  Metal carports are made with galvanized steel that withstands snow and wind loads for some of the most extreme weather conditions.  Wood carports are more likely to collapse or incur damage if struck or put under structural stress.  Wood burns therefore wood carports are more susceptible to burning in a fire.  Metal carports are superior in the event of a fire because steel does not burn therefore your possession and your building are more likely to be salvaged.  Metal carports are also completely undesirable to termites and other bugs or varmints that may damage a wood carport.  Where wood warps and rots, our galvanized steel buildings maintain the same shape (with the exception of fire of course).  Some are concerned that a metal carport may rust.  However our galvalume finish resists corrosion plus we offer a 20 year warranty against rust.


The cost of a metal carport is significantly less than the cost of wood carports.  A metal carport is cheaper starting with the fact that the amount of wasted materials is significantly less than that of wood carports.  Forget all of the small unusable pieces of wood and sawdust leftover.   Metal carports are precisely cut to fit.  Good news… the small amount of leftover materials can be recycled to make more steel products.


Wood carports require much upkeep throughout the year.  Often boards need to be replaced, warn down shingles need attention and the carport needs to be repainted or refinished.  With a metal carport you need not worry about one of these issues as metal carports require little to no maintenance.  Metal carports hardly ever need replacement parts and the dense nature of steel holds the paint or finish well therefore it doesn’t require painting or refinishing every couple of years.

Assembly and Time Considerations

Unlike a wood carport, assembly is so easy it can be done yourself or with the help of a contractor.  Our kits come equipped with a set of easy DIY instructions and prefabricated materials that fit together perfectly.  These kits don’t require the added effort of a hammer and nail, just a simple nut and bolt system will have your structure assembled in no time.  On average it takes approximately a few days to a week to construct wood carports.  A metal carport can be put together in a matter of hours and doesn’t require any special expertise to construct.


Metal carports can be configured to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.  Don’t waste time, money and patience on wood carports when you can get a better quality product with a sleek design from carport.com.



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