22 x 26 Two Car Steel Garage with Metal Roof

Wooden Carport Incidents and Metal Carport Resistance

4. This wooden carport fire took place at Tuscon, Arizona. Unfortunately, a family of nine had to leave their home whenever a carport fire spread to their house. There were a plethora of phone calls the morning of the fire, but it took place at 3 a.m. so the fire had to grow before it was noticed. The silver lining of this story is that the woman managed to wake up and save the rest of her family. She said that something just woke her up in the middle of the night, and she had enough time to realize what was happening and initiate her emergency escape plan. The firefighters were able to successfully put out the fire that morning. The family had to be removed from the home mainly due to damage to their electrical panel.

Going With Elephant for a Metal Carport

These situations are always terrible and we send our thoughts and compassions to all of the people involved, including the fire departments that helped to fight the blaze. Wooden carports are sadly a danger and and a money sink. Metal carports are better in many ways, you can even panel the outside and inside with wood if you have to have wood on your carport. However, as we have shown above having a fire that ruins your ability to transport yourself is a massive loss. Often, it’s probably near to your home, and that damage is obviously extremely unfortunate. Our metal carports are durable, extremely customizable, and affordable. Also, we offer free installation and delivery on every building that isn’t a custom quote. Use our online builder to get your carport today, or call in for a free consultation.

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