You Can Have More Than One Metal Carport on Your Property

When you have a large piece of property, you will find that you can often have more than one metal carport. This allows you the freedom to get different size structures for parking different items under each one. You can have one metal carport over your driveway to park your cars and another carport in the back yard as a covered play area. You can even get an extra-large carport for parking your RV under when it is not being used.

Figuring Out the Height You Need for Your Metal Carport

When choosing a metal carport, like those available from us here at Carport, people often do not measure the structure correctly. While figuring out the length and width of the carport is not that difficult, it is the height where people have the most problems. The height should include enough clearance for the largest item being parked under the unit as well as additional height for the roof.

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