You Should Always Anchor Your Carport

Anchoring is required for installing your carport in order to secure it to the ground. Standard carport anchoring included in installation costs include rebar for gravel and dirt areas, concrete lag bolts for cement, and concrete screws for concrete pads or footers. Optional anchors available which may be required include auger anchors, which are also known as mobile home anchors, and are needed for a three sided structure.

Carport Installation Preparation

Before the installers arrive at your home to install your custom carport, which you ordered from our website, you will need to make preparations. The surface area where the unit will be installed should be flat. If you want a floor, you will need to make sure that your concrete slab is poured and dry. You will need to obtain any needed building permits along with any homeowner’s association approvals, as well as knowing your city or county set-back restrictions.

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