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How A Carport Protects Your Car From The Elements

When purchasing a carport, you’re increasing the longevity and in turn the value of your car over time. There are several methods mother nature uses to damage your car the most. If you don’t have a carport, the one that most people experience––sometimes on a daily basis––is heat. Heat can be much more detrimental than a singed finger tip at the touch of a seemingly white hot seat belt clip. It is worth mentioning even though it is constantly in the news, that you should never leave a child or animal in your car. Most of us know this, but there are still plenty of incidences that happen every day that prove that it is still only most, not all. Checking the temperature on your phone during a hot day is second nature to most people, but how second nature is checking your car’s temperature gauge? When it’s hot outside, the engine can reach temperatures that can cause damage without even turning the car on. Commonly, mechanics suggest that the car’s gauge should be middled out, never being to extreme in either direction. Be sure to check the next time you are forced to park your car outside on a hot day to prevent blowing a fuse or causing your car to overheat. When your car overheats, radiators are the first thing to go, and require a full repair before your car is operational again. It’s also worth noting that whatever electronics you have plugged in to charge should be unplugged on sunny days if you leave your car exposed. The extreme heat can cause the electronics to short circuit and at times possibly even catch fire.



There are also other ways mother nature chooses to damage your property, like a hurricane. Hurricanes are powerful destructive forces, and have been known to tear houses from the ground. In any case, make sure you and your family are safe before you worry about your vehicle. If you purchase a certified wind rated carport, you have considerably less to worry about. If you don’t, there are a myriad of things that can completely ruin your car. Make sure your car is not parked close to any trees or large objects. Also, be aware of areas in which water can pool during a storm. If you park your car next to the bottom of a hill, you may experience water damage. Also the inability to go and get supplies after the storm when your car is parked in mud, not on concrete under a carport. Keeping your car under a covered metal structure is by far the best way to keep it safe from damage, and we also recommend installing on a concrete foundation for better wind speed assurance. It is important to have a vehicle in working condition in case you need to evacuate, and can be the difference between life and death.

Hail bunched together in a small pile next to a garden gate.


Hail, while not as deadly as hurricanes, is one of the number one culprits in vehicle property damage when leaving the car parked. It’s good to know when severe storms and weather are coming through your area, but we have all been caught in the unpredictable sudden summer storm. It’s no good to look out your window and watch the hail pelt the top of your car and chip away at the paint. You can become injured in hail storms too, so don’t go outside to try and cover your car with something. If you buy a carport, you won’t have to worry about hail, or replacing a windshield, or cursing at the weather man, or getting a bump on your head while you’re walking out to cover the windshields with cardboard. If your car has already been damaged by hail, we have an article on how to best go about getting it repaired. The same methods can work for heavy rain (in some cases) written about below.


Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can be vicious, and flash floods by definition are unpredictable. Check your elevation around your property before choosing where to install your carport, or before pouring the concrete foundation you want to install it on. If you live somewhere that floods happen often, you should search for a high space available on your property to install your carport. Water damage can completely ruin interiors even if it barely makes it in. Mold can cause your car to be uninhabitable, and if you have allergies it can make driving a nightmare. Just like in the case of hurricanes, having a good idea of the surrounding area’s large objects during a flood is important.


Elephant Structures Metal Structures and Carports

The only way to ensure that your car is protected is to make sure that it’s shielded by a metal structure, like a carport or garage. Lucky for you, we sell both! If you don’t have one, then there’s not much you can do to make sure your vehicle won’t be damaged. Elephant Structure carports offer the best defense against Mother Nature. It is a cheap way to ensure that your car won’t get damaged and start to lose value. With durable metal panels, cars and other stored items are totally protected from the elements. The carports are aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. You can choose which gauge, color, and design you want to make your structure. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can choose whether you want a completely enclosed space or a partially open one with a metal awning to protect your vehicle. The carports are extremely durable as well. They stand up to extreme weather and protect your car from the sun. There’s even an online interface where you can build your own carport virtually. When you’re done all you have to do is pay online and submit your order. Keeping your car protected from nature is extremely important when considering its value over time. When left without shelter, cars are vulnerable. You run the risk of suffering accidental damages to the car and decreasing its value.




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