how to get more living space with carports

Get More Living Space With Carports

No matter how much square footage your home has, it always feels like a little more space would be nice. Maybe you need more storage, you have rowdy teens that need a space to themselves, or you have frequent guests coming over. Whatever the reason, having the extra space never hurts.

If you’re thinking you would need an add-on or to move to a larger home to get that extra space, there’s another way! You can make the most of the space you have by adding a custom carport.

Custom made Carports

How to Use Carports for More Space

Carports can expand the usable space on your property. You gain a covered outdoor area to carry out some of your activities and to take over some of your storage space issues. This gives you more space to use in your yard or driveway, and it also frees up space inside your home to use for other purposes.

Open carports and lean-tos are great for picnics and parties, housing vehicles, and indoor-outdoor living. You can make use of them on a daily basis or as an overflow space for company to gather outside. An enclosed metal garage with a door offers even more options. With the increased protection and security, you can use this space to house seasonal items, keep your yardwork tools protected, and as a shed for exercising, hobbies and more.

Enjoying your indoor outdoor living area with friends

Which Type of Metal Structure to Pick

You’ll want to think about your needs and exactly how you plan to use the structure before you decide on the right one. Carports, garages and lean-to structures all give you extra space by utilizing your outdoor space, yet they each have distinctive features. What’s the difference?

  • Metal Carports: A carport offers overhead cover and protection from the sun and other weather while still being open on the sides. This means your metal carport can easily house vehicles, keep animals shaded and dry, add extra indoor-outdoor living space.
  • Metal Garages: Garages provide excellent usable space since they completely protect the interior from the outdoor elements and from other people. You can use them to house everything from vehicles and animals to an exercise room, hobby room and entertaining space.
  • Lean-to Structures: A lean-to can be similar to a carport and it can provide the best of both worlds between a carport and a garage. It all depends on the type of lean-to you choose. These feature a structure with one or two awnings. All of them offer shelter through a roof overhead, but they differ in that some are completely open on the sides while others include a combination of a garage structure with attached open areas.

With so many options in outdoor structures and the ability to customize, you’re sure to find one that can house some of your activities. This adds usable space to your property and can free up indoor space for other purposes.

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