Protect your vehicle from harmful ice with one of our metal carports!

Metal Carports Protect Your Vehicle From Ice

As the winter months approach, with them comes the threat of severe winter weather. While snow and icy roads can spell disaster for drivers, these harsh weather conditions can harm parked vehicles as well. Investing in metal carports or garages can help preserve the value of your vehicles and increase their longevity, saving you money.

The Perils of Ice

One of the biggest threats to vehicles parked outside during severe winter weather is the threat of falling trees and branches. Winter precipitation, like ice and snow, can quickly accumulate on tree branches and power lines. The additional weight of this precipitation can causes branches to snap and trees to fall over. According to meteorologists, just a quarter-inch of ice can add up to 500 lbs of weight to a single power line.

In January of 1961, a massive ice storm struck northern Idaho. With ice accumulations totaling eight inches over a three-day span, this storm set a record for the most ice accumulation from a single storm in US history. Another ice storm struck Rochester, New York in March of 1991. This storm was one of the worst natural disasters in New York history, with damages exceeding $375 million. Power outages from these storms can last for weeks and even months. Because of this lack of power and heat, cases of hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning spike during severe ice storms.

Ice storms are among the most dangerous and costly of all winter weather. By parking your vehicles in a metal carport or garage, they can be protected from falling ice and debris. You will also have a secure place to perform maintenance, install tire chains, or remove harmful road salt from your vehicles. It is also wise to trim and remove any branches that hang over your metal building to avoid damage to your structure in the event of severe weather.

Metal Carports: The Easy Solution

Choosing any of our metal shelters, carports, or garages will provide a worry-free place to store your vehicle. Our safe and secure metal shelters and buildings are made from high-quality American made steel and are built to last. Custom color, build, and sizing options help find the building best for your vehicle or property. Free delivery and installation of your metal shelter means that you won’t need to sweat the details. The unrivaled quality and service provided by Elephant Carports makes us the clear choice in metal shelters and buildings. If you’re in the market for a metal carport or garage, check out our builder and our wide selection of metal shelters.

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