Why Choose A Carport

Why Choose A Carport?

One single wide metal barn with gable ends and van stored underneath.


The garage is a wonderful space; it provides storage for you vehicle and protection from the elements. But for some home owners and renters, having a garage is not an option. Having a custom metal carport is an excellent remedy, whether it’s because the house doesn’t have a garage, or the garage is getting too small now that the kids are starting to drive or you want some versatility added to your home.

dollar bill folded into the shape of a carport.

Added Value

A metal carport can add value to a home. Let’s say that you fall into the category of not having a garage, but your home does have room for a carport. Without the carport with the home, future potential buyers might be detoured or put off by the idea that the home they might be buying doesn’t have a garage. With a carport you stand out from the crowd, especially if the other homes on your block are without a garage.

Metal Picnic Shelter

Extra Shelter

Another advantage about having a carport is a pretty obvious one: A carport protects your vehicle from the elements. Those of you living in places with year-round sunshine might snicker, but know that over exposure to pollen and sunshine is also bad for your vehicles’ paint.

There are many different ways that carports come together and many different materials that carports can be built out of. Metal carports can add the security of being less likely to catch fire versus wooden carports. The construction can also include walls or a single wall. If you add walls to your carport this will increase your storage capacity and give you a place to hang tools and other necessities.

long picnic table cover

Multiple Functions

Carports can also be multi-functional. Let’s say that it’s hot outside and the kids are looking to enjoy their summer vacation, but the heat is getting them down. Move the car out of your new carport and you’ve got yourself a nice shaded spot for the kids to play with protection from the heat and sun.

There are plenty more reasons carports are great, but the above reasons are some of the biggest and sometimes overlooked reasons to start your new carport project today. Before doing anything and making any decision it’s a great idea to have a plan together and to know what it is you are looking for. Your carport should not only be an extension of your home, but also of you.

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