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Fun Steel Facts:

If you are looking for an environmental friendly building, you should consider a steel carport or metal garage. Over the years, Steel has earned the nickname “the EnviroMetal” because it can be recycled over and over again without loss to the quality. In fact, more steel is recycled than all other recyclable materials combined! And, to make it even more green, steel buildings are typically manufactured with a high proportion of recycled content and more than 95% of the water used for steel-making is recycled. You can’t get much greener than that!

The Steel Recycling Institute says, “A typical 2,000-square foot home requires about 40-50 trees, about an acre’s worth. With steel, only the equivalent of about six scrapped automobiles is needed.”

Uses for Steel Buildings (More than Just a Place to Park your Car):

Boat and Jet Ski Storage and Covers
Body Shop Building
Dairy Barn
Grain Storage
Horse Stables
Motorcycle Storage
Park Maintenance Buildings
RV Storage and Covers
Storage Sheds & Buildings
Workshop Buildings

The list is endless. Visit for even more examples of buildings. Who knows, you may find the perfect building to help you work, play, or to protect your major investments.

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