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Metal Buildings for your Small Business

Every American understands the important role that small business plays in our economy. Many people have dreamed of opening a business of their own – and who can blame them? With the allure of being your own boss, deciding your own hours, and following your passion, it is easy to see why so many Americans decide to take the plunge and go into business for themselves.

However, lots of people are reluctant when it comes to pursuing this dream. There are extraordinary start-up costs that are often needed to get a business running and a high risk of failure. Nowadays, starting a business is often more of a gamble than an investment. Here at Elephant Structures, we want to change that attitude and once again encourage people to invest in their businesses, their homes, and themselves.

Why should I buy instead of lease?

Finding the perfect venue for your business can be a huge headache. Many owners will have to make compromises and forfeit size, budget, or convenience to find an available location. Tracking down the perfect property can turn into a wild goose chase and dissuade prospective entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t it be easier to just start from scratch and construct your own building from the ground up?

It isn’t as crazy as it sounds – and it isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think. Buying a custom metal building allows you to get the exact dimensions and square footage that you need. Open layouts and customizable garage and walk-in doors give you the ability to create your own floor plan. By having so many sizes and configurations, you can easily centralize the labor, inventory, and administration of your business to one building. Countless color options give your new building a clean look that will match your home or existing buildings. Our high-quality materials and construction methods produce a building that stands up to whatever Mother Nature has in store. All of our buildings can be easily insulated and wired for heat and electricity by the owner after purchase, allowing for comfortable year-round use.

Location, Location, Location

Aside from the hassle of finding a property that provides everything you need to efficiently run your business, the location of that building can be a hugely influential factor. Successful businesses in the retail or restaurant industry know this very well. They often operate out of venues like strip malls or shopping centers to gain as much pedestrian traffic as possible. However, the high overhead costs associated with these types of commercial properties can scare away some businesses. Carpentry workshops, offices, and other similar businesses without a high amount of in-store customers may not need to be located in such high-traffic areas to see the same amount of revenue. Business owners who invest in metal buildings have greater control over where and how their site will operate, while still offering the ability to create a sound and unique business model.

Buying metal gives you exactly what you are looking for in a building with endless customization options for your small business. It is also a huge investment in your home and future that you simply don’t get when you lease a commercial real estate property. We have written here about the effect that a metal building has on the property value of your home.

When buying metal, the building is erected on your land and owned by you – not a leasing agency or investor. A metal structure is still a sound decision even if the unthinkable happens and your business goes under. Our affordable and versatile buildings can remain an asset to you and your home without causing unnecessary financial strain. In the end, the money your business spent on overhead stays in your pocket. Investing in a metal building is much more advantageous than paying rent endlessly with no rights of ownership.

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Looking to Grow? We’ve got you Covered

Looking to start a new business with your first building or expand upon the success you’ve found? Let us at Elephant Structures assist you in finding what is best for your future. Our custom design software and engineers can guide you through the process and provide you with the best options available. The quality of our products and services is unsurpassed by our competitors. Buying from Elephant will ensure that any investment in your business or home will be appreciated for years to come.


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